720 Credit Score

Your clients will find that rebuilding their credit score is a lot easier with just a little help.
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We want our customers to succeed in not only getting a great car, but also rebuilding his or her credit. That’s why we offer membership to the renowned 720 Credit Score system. It’s a fast and easy program that will help your clients get their credit back on track quickly. The program works by giving members access to exclusive credit-building strategies so they can improve and maintain their credit, no matter how bad it may be. Ultimately, the program can turn a seven (7) year process into two years or less. By following the 720 Credit Score program through us for only 18 months, your clients may qualify for the low interest payments and great loan terms that those with high credit scores enjoy.

Once we give your client access to the 720 Credit Score member portal, they’ll be able to view their lesson material and credit-building strategies. The instructional videos are only 10-15 minutes long each, and their material only takes minutes to apply. Your clients follow the easy steps in the program, and they’ll see their credit score improve. It’s that simple.

Membership to 720 Credit Score is expensive, but at Automotive Fresh Start Center, we offer our customers’ FREE membership, so that they can receive the best possible auto loan and build their credit quickly.

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