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Will Continue to Recommend

Thank you for helping many of my bankruptcy clients obtain financing for automobile loans. I am very impressed by your knowledge of the bankruptcy process and your ability to help my clients find financing. You take the time to help my clients determine what kind of monthly automobile payment is manageable and sustainable for them. I will continue to recommend that my clients contact you for vehicle financing because I can trust that you will look out for their best interests and I know that you will go the extra mile to help them. It is really a pleasure to work with you and your team.

– Benjamin Crumley, Esq.

Quick and Highly Professional

I am writing to thank and endorse Automotive Fresh Start Center for helping my bankruptcy clients these last few years. Many of bankruptcy clients cannot keep their current vehicles after filing bankruptcy due to out of control monthly payments, high interest rates, or risk of repossession. They feel their situation is hopeless. When I tell them that they can surrender their current vehicle, and get another one right after we file their bankruptcy, I can see the relief on their faces immediately. The service they receive from you has always been quick and highly professional. It also helps my law business since I have another valuable benefit available for my clients. I have and will continue to recommend you to all my clients who have a need for an automobile.

– E. R. Mousa

Insured That My Client Was Completely Satisfied

I am writing this letter to thank you for assisting my clients over the last few years. Your company Automotive Fresh Start Center has been terrific in helping my Bankruptcy clients deal with a need to purchase an automobile after filing. Your company has helped fill a need I have had to help clients get out of vehicles they had prior to filing a case and getting them into something much better at a better rate after filing. The service you have provided has been outstanding and although there have not been many problems, when one problem occurred, you immediately rectified it and insured that my client was completely satisfied. I highly recommend your company to assist other Bankruptcy counsel with the same need as my own. Keep up the good work!

– Robert M. Geller

Knowledgeable About Overall Bankruptcy Process

I endorse Automotive Fresh Start Center at Duval Honda which is managed by David Roberts, as Executive Operating Officer, without reservation. I have worked wth David over the last 8 years on numerous transportation solutions for my Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy clients. David is straightforward in the information that he provides to my clients and always treats them with dignity and respect. David is knowledgeable about the overall bankruptcy process and understands the timing implications as to when a vehicle is purchased by my bankruptcy clients. I always recommend my clients meet with David for a consultation as I trust his expertise.

– Melanie J. Sacks, Esquire

Committed To Serving Their Customers

At 720CreditScore.com, we work with the country’s finest professionals dedicated to helping their customers recover from bankruptcy. They have to be committed to serving their customers, helping them get back on their feet, and rebuilding their credit after a bankruptcy. It is with great pleasure that I can say that David Roberts is one such professional. People do not turn to David Roberts at Automotive Fresh Start Center simply to buy a car. People turn to David because he will help them rebound quickly using the techniques in this book. If you are contemplating a vehicle loan, I encourage you to consider continuing your conversation with David Roberts at Automotive Fresh Start Center, which can help you use your bankruptcy as a turning point that marks the beginning of a new—and better—chapter in your life.

– Philip Tirone
Founder, 720CreditScore.com

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